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looking for ram timings for my twinx2048-3200c2


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when i put the 2gb into my asus a8r32-mvp deluxe it shows up as 3-3-3-8 .. i want the advertised 2-3-3-6 .. this is my memory bios options .. i've figured to get 2-3-3-6 this is what i'd have to do .. but how do i figure out the other options (the one's with the ?'s)?


_Memory Timing Mode_____________Limit

___Memclock Value_______________200

_MCT Timing Mode________________Manual

___CAS (CL)_____________________2








_MCT Extra Timing Mode____________Manual


___DDR Input Strobe Skew_________Disabled


_User Configuration Mode___________Manual

___Read Preamble________________?

___Asyc Latency_________________?

___CMD-ADDR Timing_____________1T

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