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Think I have a bad memory stick

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I bought a new HP laptop with Vista premium about a month ago. It came with 1GB of ram. Once I got home, I realized that it ran slower that I thought it would and went and bought a 1GB value select stick. After that, any time that the screen saver would come on, the computer would lock up and I would have to power it off. Once I would turn it back on, it would say something like I had a serious failure caused by hardware. After countless hours on the phone with HP support and a full system recovery, it would still do this. Today, I thought to pull out the corsair stick and put the original one back in to see if this would help. It has not locked up yet and the screen saver ran all day. I think that that stick could have been causing this but wanted to see if this is a problem that has happened to anyone else when they had RAM go bad. The store said that they will exchange it but I hope to hear from some of you.



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