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C1 Error with Twin2X2048-6400C4D and 680i mb


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I'm getting c1 error's when using 2 sticks of ram in either 2 blue slots or 2 black slots. I have 4 sticks of Twin2X2048-6400C4D ram, and they all work individually but will not work in pairs. I have tried manually setting all the voltages/timings, still no go. Using all 4 sticks of ram fails as well.


Can anyone give me advice on what might be wrong? I have already RMA'd the mobo and I am still having the same issue, so I think it must be the RAM but i'm not sure. Maybe there's a bios setting I am missing? I have updated to the latest bios and reset the CMOS several times.


Thanks for any help!

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I originally thought mobo as well. In fact, I called up EVGA and they say, yea, it must be the mobo. Then I got a new one in the mail a few days ago and it has the exact same problem!


Sure, I suppose it's possible that I got 2 boards with the exact same faulty DIMM slots, but it just seems very very unlikely to me.


Is there any posibility that it could be the RAM? I'm out of ideas here...

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I don't currently have another mobo available that's compatible with this type of RAM. But I agree, I think installing it in another mobo would probably work. However I'm not convinced that it's a faulty mobo because I got a brand new one and it has the exact same problem. And 680i mobo says it supports the RAM I have.


So I've come to 2 possible conclusions so far:


1) The RAM is faulty in that it isn't compatible with my 680i mobo (it may work with other mobo's, but there's something faulty with the RAM that is preventing it from working with my specific mobo.)


2) I need to modifiy my voltage/bios settings.


If the case is #2, if anyone has a list of bios voltages/settings that are required for my RAM, please let me know. Currently the only settings I have changed is memory voltage to 2.1v and timing settings to 4-4-4-12-2T.


I recently called EVGA again about the problem and they said it's possible that the RAM just might be faulty with the mobo and that I should RMA the RAM. Before I do this though I would like to exhaust any other options first.


Thanks for any advice guys :)

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I will try to get some cheap RAM to try it out. I have a pretty good feeling that different RAM will work on the mobo.


Assuming different ram doesn't work, I guess I would have to say the mobo is faulty, in which case I recieved 2 faulty mobo's in a row (pretty bad luck i'd say).


If the different RAM does work however, then the problem would have to be faluty RAM right?


Btw, thanks for the input noobie :)

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Yea, I tried the default settings first. The defaults were 1.85v and 5-5-5-18 (I think).


I've tried many different voltage settings and it always gives me the c1 error. But the error only happens when I put 2 sticks in both the blue or both the black slots. I am able to put 2 sticks in the black/blue slots closest to the CPU.


Basically, any combination of slots that use the 2 slots farthest from the CPU does not work. But each stick of ram works individually in slot 0/2 (the 2 slots closest to the CPU).

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Thanks for the advice RAM guy, however I did this once already. I have already RMA'd the board and it has the same problem.


I find it hard to believe I would get 2 boards in a row with the exact same 2 faulty DIMM slots. I am going to try to get a couple cheap sticks of RAM. If they work (and I have a feeling they will), then the problem must be in the RAM, right?

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Thanks for the help Ram Guy.


Before I RMA the ram I would like to try out some other cheap RAM to ensure that it is not a problem with the mobo.


Assuming it is in fact the RAM, would it be possible to exchange the RAM for a different type? I just have a feeling it might be an issue with the compatibility with the RAM and the mobo.


EVGA has my ram listed as supported, but I've read about lots of compatibility issues regarding the RAM i have and the 680i.


Obviously there is a price difference between different ram, but I would be willing to take a cheaper set of sticks if it decreases my chance of having a similar issue with the replacment RAM.




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