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Issue with 8500 c5d


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Hi, I’m not new to building comps. I have been for 6-8 years. Well I'm running a BFG 680I MB, e6600 stock settings, EVGA 8800GTX, Cooler master 850w P/s. Now, I know there is an issue with nvidia drivers. But here is my problem. With the corsair ram in the system at either 800mhz 4-4-4-12 or 1066 mhz 5-5-5-18 @ 2.2 volts. After a day of running the system I get the nvlddkm.sys has stopped and restarted. Now if I put some k in gston Value ram (kvr667d2/1gr) in, the system runs fine. I picked up 2 because I had other issue's with the ram orginally and had it RMA'd so I could still use my comp. I find this funny that I don't get any errors with the k in gston but I do with the corsair. I've run memtest several times and the modules pass every time @ both settings with both and single. And yes I've tried ch A and B with both modules. I'm paticently waiting for nvidia to release new video driver's as I have that works fine for now. But for the price I paid for the Dom I would prefer to run those.
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