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PLEASE HELP Flash Voyager GT


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Hi, i have a Corsair Flash Voyager Gt 2GB - although i am very please with the product - (the speed especialy - ready boost, thumbs up) my problems lie with auxilliery compoents. My primary problem is that my Lanyard has broken at the clip, this (strangley) was one of the key selling points, so is there anyway of getting a replacement? - i dont know were it was from as it was a presant, but it is covered by a ten year warrenty.


also is there any way of stopping the cap from coming loose?

thank You

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hi, i have had a problem with the Laynard on my Flash Voyager GT brake and i asked RAM Guy (this maybe you reading this) for hlep. Super impressed by the service and quick response.


But you told me to fill in a RMA form, which i have done, (twice now) and i have not got any reply- im i doing something wrong.


i have filled in Web based RMA form and the excel based form, i have waited a week and no reply


Thank You

joseph dobson

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