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Striker Extreme BIOS 1102 (and older) works with 2GB of the above memory but not with 4GB. I have a Core 2 Duo Quad Extreme at 2.66. No overclocking yet. Memory set for "Expert"


I have switched memory modules and 2GB always works but not 4GB.


Is there a special setting or do I have a bad motherboard?



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The first time I wrote to you, you said set it to Expert only. This time you said enter it as 667. In other answers to others you have given the following advice:


  1. Disable SLI Ready (the opposite of Expert) but this is what I set it to now.
  2. Memory Voltage 2.0
  3. TCL 4
  4. TRCD 4
  5. TRP 4
  6. TRAS 12
  7. Command per clock 2T
  8. TRC 24
  9. TRFC 42
  10. What should the front side bus be?

I set it for 1200 the highest it would allow me to go unlinked to 667. Is that correct?


I know that you are busy, but I need a complete answer to get the fastest possible settings for my 680i that will not degrade the outrageously expensive memory that I see I cannot competely use with 4GB.


Thank you!


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