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Help with timings please


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Hi guys,


I need a quick lesson on how to set my timings.


First post, so I can only assume my details will show below.


I just read up about my RAM at the Corsair info pages. It is advertised as being capable of 2-3-3-6 timings. I thought I'd give these timings a go because my system runs on defaults so far (although I got this RAM just recently, upgraded from TWINX 1GB XMS3200Pro).


Now my auto setting show these timings:



Tras 8

Trcd 2

Trp 2


Is that good or bad? Should I change to 2-3-3-6 manually, and which of the numbers realte to which setting then?


I had one crash with memtest at 85% though I am not 100% whether simply the CPU was too hot as it doesn't spin up if required in "DOS" mode. I performed a test With a Windows tool then and everything seemed fine.



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OK, thanks. I ran memtest 1.65 twice last night without errors at 2.7 V. I just wanted to make sure I am not slowly frying the thing.


I am too much out off the OC-loop, I simply don't know about the V limits on anything these days because I don't find the time to tamper with the hardware. So I buy stuff that is fast out of the box :)


I will switch back to 2.8 V then, thanks.

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