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Bad Modules


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I have a Tyan K8WE (S2895A2NRF) with two Opteron 246s and the following modules:


CMX1024RE-3200 (XMS3200REv4.1)


2 each 0551169-1

2 each 0542074-1


Procs and mem at default timings (2GHz and 3-3-3-8).


System has been running fine for over a year, but two weeks ago I came home and it was dead -- wouldn't even POST. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, checking video et al, zeroed in on memory as the culprit.


Have tried various combinations of modules; one module is completely dead (if it's in the system, PC won't POST), and one is mostly dead (will POST but fails memcheck).


I flashed the BIOS to most current, reset CMOS (reset button on motherboard), and started over with factory defaults. Pulled second CPU and ran memtest on each module in turn:


0542074-1 #1: PC won't POST

0551169-1 #1: fails memtest

0542074-1 #2: passes memtest

0551169-1 #2: passes memtest


With both #2 modules and both CPUs installed, memtest runs overnight without errors.


I don't know what the difference is between the two series (if any), but I am concerned about mixing and matching different flavors. If possible, would like to RMA the two bad sticks for one each of the same series to match the two that are still working.

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