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Abit Fatal1ty AN8 SLI and CMX1024-400PT XMS 400


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I'm getting BSOD for a long time, have ran Memtest for a couple hours some time ago with no errors, but now, with Windows Vista Mem diag, it found errors. I have tried switching memory banks and cleaning memory contacts.


I'm having this issues for a long time, intermitently. I have just formated and reinstaled the OS, now Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bits.


I have a Thermaltake 430W Power Supply, and a NVIDIA 7800GT video card. My CPU is and Athlon X2 4200+ socket 939. The memory pair is the Corsair CMX1024-400PT XMS4000 1024MB 500Mhz ( XMS4000V1.1 0602049-1 ).


My MOBO is configured as follows:


Advanced Chipset


HT Frequency: auto

HT width: [down arrow]16 [up arrow] 16

SSE LSSE2 Instructions: enabled

System Bios Cacheable: enabled


Memory Configuration:


DRAM Timing Selectable: Manual

Dram Clock: 400Mhz

Cas Latency Time: 3 clocks

Row Cycle Time: 11 clocks

Row Refresh cycle time: 14 clocks

RAS# to CAS# delay: 4 clocks

RAS# to RAS# delay: 2 clocks

Min RAS# Active time: 8 clocks

RAS# precharge time: 4 clocks

Write recovery time: 3 clocks

Write to read delay: 2 clocks

Read to Write delay: 4 clocks

DRAM Command rate: auto

Burst length: 4 beats

Bank interleaving: enabled

read preamble value: auto

Max Async latency value: auto

DRAM drive strength: normal drive

Bypass max: 4

Idle cycle limit ( ILD_Lmt): 16 cycles

Dynamic idel cycle count: enabled

MTRR mapping mode: continuous

32 bit DRAM memory hole: auto


I have tried also other memory configurations on the BIOS as full auto ( does not even complete the boot ), as well as changing slots and using both pairs of slots at the same time, on a single channel configuration, as of now. My MOBO BIOS version is the latest, 20.



On the voltage side, I have configured:

CPU Core VOltage: 1.35V

DDR SDRAM Voltage: 2.60V

DDR VTT Voltage: DDR/2

Nforce4 Voltage: 1.5V

Hypertransport Voltage: 1.2V

DDR Ref Voltage: Default

Cpu Ref Voltage: Default


And the readings on the Abit EQ Monitoring are:


CPU Core VOltage: 1.372V

DDR SDRAM Voltage: 2.82V

DDR VTT Voltage: 1.41V

Nforce4 Voltage: 1.71V

Nforce 4 Standby Voltage: 1.66V

Hypertransport Voltage: 1.3V



Thanks a lot for your help.



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Sorry about my ignorance, but would you be able to check if this power supply is ok ?




It says: Separate 12V rails provide sufficient 52A for PC system


but also, underneath it:


+5V +3.3V +12V1 +12V2 +12V3 -12V +5VSB

Max. Load 30A 28A 14A 23A 15A 0.5A 2.5A


What's V1 V2 and V3 ? There's only one connector to the Motherboard. Does it mean that it has three 12 volt connectors in this MB connector ?


Thank you again, and I must apologise again for my lack of knowledge on that. Even the factory SP specs are hard to understand.


I should also add that when I use intensively my USB ports, as synching Ipod or using External Hard Drives, my computer crashes a lot, also intermitently.


Tks, rmoura

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