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XMS ECC memory problem


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I have an Athlon 64FX51 with an Asus SK8N board and I know that it needs registered RAM. I had one 512MB module for it but I wanted to speed the computer up a bit. Finding more of this special RAM was incredibly difficult. Eventually I found 2 more 512MB sticks. I was hoping this would allow me to increase to 1.5GB but when I boot up the computer does nothing but beep like crazy. Upon closer inspection I noticed that although all 3 memory modules are indenticle (Corsair XMS CMX512RE-3200LL) the two new ones I bought had one slight difference from the old one. The old one says XMS3200REv2.1 and the two new ones I got say XMS3200REv1.1


Is this why I can't have my old one in the machine with the two I just bought? Or does the motherboard only work with either 2 or 4 sticks? If I can't use all three together that kinda sucks because this RAM is insanely expensive.

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