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Keeping the RAM - need new Mobo advice


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About 4 years ago I built a system using an ASUS P4GX8Deluxe mobo and 1Gb of Corsair TWINX LLPT PC3200 DDR.


Now I seem to have developed a problem with the AGP slot on the board.


However, the system is pretty darn good for a 4 y.o. system and I'm not ready to scrap all of it.


I'd like to simply replace the mobo and CPU with something as inexpensive as possible and continue using the 1Gb twinx LL and my current 8x AGP video card.


I know Corsair isn't in the Mobo business (believe me if they were - I'd be buying) but can anyone recommend a replacement mobo & CPU that has proven reliable, compatible and most importantly available with the Corsair TWINX and AGP 8x vid card?

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