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3 faulty Flash Voyagers in a row?!


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So, I posted a thread on the forum back in January called “2 faulty Flash Voyagers in a row?!” (see http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=57096). The problem was that I’d bought an 8GB Flash Voyager (let’s call it “No. 1”) that died, had got it replaced (“No. 2”), then the replacement died in the same way!


Well, Ram Guy helped me get another replacement sorted out (thanks Ram Guy), so I’m now on my 3rd 8GB Flash Voyager (“No. 3”). Now guess what?


The 3rd 8GB Flash Voyager drive has died in the same way.


This is getting silly. I’m very careful with my stuff, so I’m pretty certain I’m not damaging the drives. Moreover, I’ve got another USB drive (from a different company) that I’ve used for 4 years without any issues, so the problem doesn’t seem to be with the PCs I’m using. Each time I send back the faulty drive, I hear nothing back from Corsair about what the problem with the drive was, so it’s not possible for me to track the source of the issue for certain. That said, surely there’s something wrong with the design of the 8GB Flash Voyager drive?


I don’t really want to go to the bother of getting another replacement (i.e. a “No. 4” drive) as the evidence suggest it will die within a month as well! Can anyone suggest how I can get a drive that works so that I can be confident in using it?!

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