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System turns off after start. (was working fine)

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Howdy all.


Strange one but I think my memory modules, one or both just failed. I just built out my system about 3 weeks ago and it has been ROCK solid stable so far. Happily playing NWN2 and the game crashed, BSOD and reboot.


I turned the machine off at BIOS post.. waited a few seconds and then tried to turn it back on. I have mobo power, system fans spin up, LEDs on the mobo light up.. about 3 seconds total, and poof.. turns off on its own.


If I remove both memory modules, the system will start and stay up, though giving the predictable CMOS beeps for missing memory, but it WONT just turn off.


Failed memory? Bought it from NewEgg (love those guys!) Should I return to them or RMA to Corsair? I mobo reset my BIOS (jumper) and no change in behavior. Since the system comes up with the memory out, that makes me assume this is probably failed RAM. I also tested each module singularly in DIMM slot 0 and it acts the same. (shut down)


What do you guys think?


I have the RAM out and ready to RMA if that is the conclusion.


Mobo - eVGA nVidia 680i SLI

RAM - CM2x1024-6400C4D x 2

Proc - Intel 6600

VC - eVGA nVidia 8800 GTS

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Lets get the modules replaced. Please follow the link below my signature *NEW* Tech Support Express for RMA request. You will need to send in both modules so we can match as a set in return.
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Hey man.. I think maybe the memory controller on the board failed.


Just for a final round of testing, I went and bought the exact same memory, and installed it. The machine doesn't turn off, but it also doesn't boot with the new ram.


It starts normally, but the onboard LED now says '1d' instead of 'C1', and just sits there. Reading the eVGA manual, '1d' is 'init memory controller'. If it hits that point and hangs.. that makes me think the board itself blew.


What do you think?


::update:: I reset the new RAM, swapped order, and ended up with the same 'C1' problem as before. I think the Mobo is blown.

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Sadly I cant test in another machine right now. *shrug* But eVGA is crossshipping a new one to me.. should show up sometime this week. They were really cool about it, and their support line guys were pretty sharp.


So.. hopefully by the end of this week it will be all put back together and runnnig again.


Thanks for all of the help!

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NP Please let me know when you get the new MB.


HE LIVES! Woohoo! Being out of town and knowing my new MB was waiting for me was torture! But.. installed and started RIGHT up, no issues and he is back up and running!

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