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ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe + 6400C3DF / 6400C4PRO


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Its been a while since I've used these forums, but I've just upgraded my box to a P5W-DH Deluxe board and i went to your configuration section and picked the "Extreme" listing for the RAM to buy:




Now I'm trying to workout how best to configure it as its running at PC-5300 (according to BIOS). I've got a Conroe E6600 on the motherboard. I've looked here:




But its for the presler (955) which has a different multiplier.


has anyone got a similar setup that has got these modules working at their peak? I dont mind over-clocking it as long as I get as much performance as I can out of these memory+cpu combo (with the board). I've got an Arctic Freezer 7 but I'm considering a Tuniq Tower if this needs to be overclocked.


Thanks greatly for any help. I also still have the 6400C4PRO (with the cool indicators) left from my previous box, would you recommend using that instead of the Dominator's? I just spent $800 AUD on these ram sticks so I want to juice the bitch for all its worth:eek:


Again the machine specs for reference:


ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe

Intel Core 2 E6600 (@2.4Ghz)

Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3DF

Antec 660W

ATI X1950 Toxic


Thanks again.

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OK I've been reading up on threads and I've got it down to this:


BIOS: 2004

FSB: 400Mhz


VCore: 1.5v

FSB Termination: 1.50v

MCH Chipset: 1.65v

ICH Chipset: 1.20v

HyperPath: Disabled

SpeedStep: Disabled

ExecuteBit: Disabled

Virtualization: Disabled

CAS: 3-4-3-9


I'm using the stock HSF that comes with this board for the NB/SB and an Arctic Freezer 7 PRO for the CPU. I do plan on removing the stock HeatSink (DigitalHome thing) later and applying some AS5 as the temp readings reach 50C at times and that cant be good:(


If I run MemTest it'll complete fine, but if I get the Orthos stress test tool it'll fail with a accuracy error after about 6 seconds.


Any suggestions?

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No problems here on P5W and X6800, 6400C3DF @ 800Mhz, 3-4-3-9 2.4V as advertised.


You might want to make sure that the RAM is OK @ SPD settings before overclocking the CPU and tightening the RAM timings. In BIOS, reset the FSB back to 266 so that your CPU is running at stock speed, enable SPD, select DDR2-800 and set all voltages to default. Run memtest overnight. Boot to Windows and run some benchmarks to make sure everything is stable (Orthos, 3DMark, etc).


Next, set the RAM timings to 3-4-3-9 and voltage to 2.4V. Rerun memtest overnight. Again, boot to Windows and rerun those benchmarks.


If everything is okay at this point, then go ahead and start overclocking the CPU.

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Hi noobie,


thanks I'll try that. Is there a huge difference between your X6800 and the 6600 apart from an unlocked multiplier that may be why I cant have a stable 3.6 OC?


btw sounds like your not such a noobie after all:roll:

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Well no, not really, apart from the fact that different CPUs overclock differently. See, I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to overclocking so I figured those X6800s might be easier to get a start on overclocking initially (it was, at least in my case. All I needed to do was change the multi and Vcore, nothing else is changed from default, and got her up to 3.7. Temp was a bit too high to my liking, so I dialled back to 3.3 at stock Vcore).


Sooo, yeah, I'm still a noobie no matter what :biggrin:

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Just keep in mind, when overclocking the CPU FSB the DRAM FSB will increase as well(unless motherboard provides unlink option).


Here's a table to calculate Resulting DRAM Frequency:


Increased Freqeuncy /(divided by) Default CPU Frequency(example Core to Duo 266MHZ)= Increased Ratio


Increased Ratio x Default DRAM Frequency= Resulting DRAM Frequency

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