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XMS-3500C2PT & ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA??


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Hello, I have a question regarding some older memory I have and wonderin if it would work with this motherboard as well, it's Corsair XMS-3500C2PT 512 MB, I have two of these, bought two for a AMD 2800 and Asus A78nx-deluxe combo, and I was very hopeful in not having to waste this memory since I spen soooo much on two sticks.



XMS3500 512MB 433MHZ CL2


Will it work in this motherboard,ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA, or any other board with socket 775 with AGP?

I'm trying to build a Pentium D or Core 2 duo system with an older AGP graphics card, and my older ram, if possible, if not which one is the one to spend the money on to use for long term & possibly overclocking to use in another mother board in the future, so I can just buy it once.

Thanks very much for the help, much appreciated!


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As long as the motherboard supports DDR1-400MHZ and not mixing with other modules, there should be no problems. Keep in mind these modules require 2.75v to operate at the advertised speeds.
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What are the timings that I can use with this memory and the board in question? The board will support DDR1-400 and this memory is ddr-443, so I'm a little confused if I need to use any special timimgs, I see about the voltage at 2.75 volts, thanks for the help.

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