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DDR 266MHz-400MHz compatibility


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Hello!I have a huge problem...My Motherboard is QDI KuDOz 7 and its chipset is Apollo KT266A.(I provide them in advance just in case the info is required.)

The motherboard supports only 200/266 Mhz speed RAM.And has only 3 slots for RAM.


Furthermore the CLS cant be set over 2.5 (it has only two options 2 and 2.5).What kind of memory should I buy to upgrade it?(The motherboard is present here http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair...or_search.html only a newer version is found there with different chipset)


Will a higher frequency RAM (400Mhz) be compatible with my motherboard with no stability problems even if it timed lower than designed?I currently have a RAM module 233Mhz 256 MB and is obviously not enough.(Used to have more but they have gone bad)

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Many DDR (400mhz) modules (especially in the performance lines) need the Ram voltage set higher than 2.5volts to achieve stability. Most DDR modules will down clock to 266mhz without a problem though. Hopefully, Ram Guy will have a DDR RAM module suggestion that meets both board requirements (CL of 2 or 2.5 and 2.5volts).


ps: there's also a caveat about not supporting 4-bit DDR 1 gig modules in the above link. Not really sure what that means.


Looks like Ram Guys already covered this in the Warantee section.

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