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DDR clock compatibility


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Hello!I have a huge problem...My Motherboard is QDI KuDOz 7 and its chipset is Apollo KT266A.(I provide them in advance just in case the info is required.)

The motherboard supports only 200/266 Mhz speed RAM.And has only 3 slots for RAM.


Furthermore the CLS cant be set over 2.5 (it has only two options 2 and 2.5).What kind of memory should I buy to upgrade it?(The motherboard is present here http://www.corsairmemory.com/corsair/configurator_search.html only a newer version is found there with different chipset)


Will a higher frequency RAM (400Mhz) be compatible with my motherboard with no stability problems even if it timed lower than designed?I currently have a RAM module 233Mhz 256 MB and is obviously not enough.(Used to have more but they have gone bad)


Ps:I think its offtopic here I am moving the topic elsewhere in the forum.Plz delete cause I cant.

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I would recommend the following modules:




Part Number Speed Size Organization Package


VS512MB266 PC2100 512MB 64Mx64 184 DIMM


VS256MB266 PC2100 256MB 32Mx64 184 DIMM


VS128MB266 PC2100 128MB 16Mx64 184 DIMM

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Unfortunately none of the modules specified above is available in my country...I have contacted both the retailers for my country on the "how to buy" link and they dont ship DDR RAM bellow 400Mhz.I also searched some local stores with no results and... :[pouts: So the compatibility issue rises again.Would 400 MHz modules be compatible?
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