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Rma`d two only received one back


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Dear Ramguy

As directed being a matched set I sent the pair even though one had failed. And today only one was

in the delivered box. The original RMA is R235787 and the numbers CM 2X 1024-6400CD4 / 0648019-29. In return the single module is marked XMS6404v1.2 / 07090069-9 . Being my first ever RMA I don`t know what could of happened ? just tiresome for both parties being a transatlantic RMA to

the UK. Anyway can you please look into this matter and thank you for your


Edit. Just checked my labelled copy It is described correctly " CM 2X1024-6400CD4 , Qty 1 " so on. Just

read about incorrect descriptions leading to errors. I am convinced that this has not been my mistake

and hope this will not hinder my request.

Edit .Re-read my copy again.I should of written "Twin" If this has been my error please accept my apology as the process in rma is totally new to me.

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