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Ticket required

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I have just tried to fill in the online RMA form, and it insists I have a "*Ticket#/PostID#

Found on left side of your RAM Guy posting.


So I joined the forum to get one.


The ram..Corsair 512MB DDR XMS3500 Platinum CAS2.


It's been fine for a couple of years sitting alongside 2 X 256MB stick of the same in an ASUS A7N8X - deluxe. (Rev 1.04)

I seemed to have a few errors booting up, and suspected the hard disc.

I tried to install windows on a new disc, and couldn't (couldn't copy file etc)


Seen this before, and I know it can be ram related so I ran memtest and got masses of errors.

It's the 512 stick giving me the errors, and needs replacing.


So could I please have a Ticket#/PostID# to complete the RMA form.



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Thanks for the reply.


It's CMX512-35002PT (XMS3502v1.1 0307039)

The low latency stuff that worked well on the Nforce2 motherboards.

In my in case an ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe with and AMD XP2700 CPU.


Seems strange after all this time that it went bad.

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