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VS1GB400C3 unstable w/ Vista - Need DDR settings on A8N Premium


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I just switched from a RAID 0+1 configuration on XP x64 to a single drive Vista Home Premium x64 (4Gb RAM in both cases). Nothing is overclocked. In this process, I inadvertently changed some of my BIOS configuration and, as a result, my machine is now extremely unstable and crashes every hour or so. In order to reboot, I need to flash the BIOS almost every time. Hence, I suspect that my RAM settings are not accurate since all was previously working fine.


I originally had a bit of problems getting this machine a year ago when I was installing XP x64 and the reason was that the DDR voltage needed to be adjusted for 4Gb as well as the timing. I can't remember these values. :(


Can someone tell me which settings to use with 4 sticks of VS1GB400C3?

DDR voltage:

CAS (Tcl):










Asus A8N-SLI Premium

AMD 4800+

4x 1Gb Corsair Value Select PC3200

1x WD160YS-01S SATA II

4x WD320KS-00P SATA II

Silverstone Temjin case

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