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Twin2x2048-6400c4 + Msi = Bad


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I have the TWIN2X2048-6400C4 ddr2 memory for the new MSI P6N SLI Platinum. My issue im addressing is whenever i play a game either a few minutes or to an hour my whole system restarts and i get that blue screen before it happens. A friend of mine told me to move the sticks to match colors on the mobo and that seemed to work, (dim1,dim3) but in order for me to get the duel channel benefit, it needs to be in two different colors (dim1,dim2) as writen in the MSI manuel. I dont know what the problem is maybe i should return them and get a different company? Any solution or instruction would be greatly appreciated.
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BSOD in XP usually means something seriously wrong. Test your ram and motherboard setup.


[1] Run Memtest86+ version 1.70 with floppy or cd to test your dram setup.


[2] If everything is good with Memtest86+, boot into windows and run Prime95. Setup Prime95 with the maximum testable memory by going to OPTIONS-->CPU for day and night.




Memtest86+ will tell you something is wrong with your memory setup. Either faulty dimms or compatibility issues with your motherboard. Compatibility might involves BIOS dram configuration. A good 12-24hr test means dram okay.





Prime95 will test a broader environment by running in Windows, just like any games. This will involves CPU, Motherboard, Power Supply and Ram. You could also run 2 or more instances of Prime95 to fully Max-out your CPU. I usually run 3 instances. Do this by editing the Prime95 shortcut properties such as:


"C:\Program Files\Prime95\Prime95.exe" -A0

"C:\Program Files\Prime95\Prime95.exe" -A1

"C:\Program Files\Prime95\Prime95.exe" -A2


That will allow you to run 3 instances of the program.


Secondly, you could target each CPU core specifically by going to ADVANCE-->AFFINITY. "0" is for Core 1, "1" is for Core 2.



Good luck.

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