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Faulty 2GB Flash Voyager


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Hi RamGuy,


I am wondering how I go about getting an RMA autorisation for getting my 2GB Flash Voyager replaced (was bought on 22 August 2006)?


The problem that I have been exeriencing is as follows/I have done the following to get issue resolved as well:


1. The flash drive will intermittently drop out and then re-detect by the system while in use or when sitting dormantly connected to the USB port.


2. I have re-formatted and re-partitioned the drive using the Corsair Flash Voyager Utility, the drive formats and partitions ok, but the issues is still there.


3. The drive works ok for a few days and then it will constantly drop out while copying files to/from the drive and re-detect a few seconds after it has dropped out. This can happen over and over again on the same day or it can run fine for a few days.


4. I have tested the drive in front and rear USB ports on my PC with the same results, I have also tested it on a friends PC and my work desktop unit.


Any suggestions as to how to fix this would be appreciated; or

If needed please provide with authorisation so that I can arrange to have the drive replaced with an RMA.


Thank you.

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