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HX620W with a Pentium 4 socket 478 mobo?


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I have an Abit IS7-G Pentium 4 Socket 478 motherboard with a 20-pin header labelled ATXPWR1 and a 4-pin header labelled ATX12V1. The documentation for the mobo and the PSU aren't clear about ATX12V compatibility. Will the HX620W work with a s478 P4 mobo?


I recently upgraded my graphics card to a Sapphire X1600 Pro HDMI (AGP) and pushed my old PSU beyond it's capabilities, so the HX620W looked like a good option. But now that I'm looking at connecting it up, I'm a little nervous as the Corsair manual says that it's only backwards-compatible to ATX12V 2.01 systems. I can't tell what version the Abit IS7-G ATX12V system is, but the Corsair manual goes on to say that the main 24-pin connector can be detached to create a 20-pin connector and a reducndant 4-pin connector and there is another 4-pin P4 connector.


I think I can connect the 20-pin and the 4-pin P4 cable to the mobo, but I'm worrried I'll damage the mobo and/or components. Am I worrying over nothing?

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These are the PSU's tested with your motherboard and compatible: http://www.abit.com.tw/abitweb/webjsp/test_report/IS7_Series/10.php


Note they had a -5V rail and are ATX12V 1.3 compliant.


Your board is also that old, and many others with these boards (me: an MSI S478) have incompatibility issues because the Corsair were built according to ATX12V 2.2 specs rather than the much older 1.3 spec. My board requires the -5V rail or it won't even POST with this PSU and for some reason I don't know, even if it does everything begins to go erratic. Many other PSU's work fine.


You might want to think again and read up on the incompatibility issues many users are facing with older boards and the Corsair PSU's for safety. Wait for a moderator's reply too, they normally do (RAM Guy or Power Guy).

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Well, I got impatient and went ahead and hooked up the HX620W to my IS7-G.

Everything seems OK, though I haven't yet put the CPU under load.


The only issue I noticed is that sometimes I hear a whirring noise, like a fan or HDD motor speeding up and slowing down, like a car being revved at the lights. Thankfully, it's louder than I'd expect a HDD noise to be.


This noise might have started before I swapped the PSU - I can't remember - but it's certainly recent. It certainly isn't all the time and doesn't seem to correlate to any particular activity (HDD activity, load etc).


My case has 3 x 120mm intake fans, a single 120mm exhaust fan, 7 x HDD, a thermaltake fan on the CPU and the standard built-in fans for the chipset and PSU.


I hope the whirring noise is one of the fans, otherwise I guess one of the HDD is about to blow-up. I haven't looked at the internals since installing the CPU, but I'll need to find the problem as the noise is pretty annoying.


My concern is that the sporadic whirring is due to the PSU not providing the correct power to the mobo (which controls 1 intake, 1 exhaust and the PSU and chipset fans). Is this likely, given everything else works OK?

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