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Need more ram but not sure how much it will take and what type?


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I'd like to get two sticks of 512 but I'm not sure if my machine will allow that much or not.

The machine is an old Compaq Presario 5BW160.It still has the stock motherboard.I did a search on a couple of different sites and it came back that it will only allow 512Mb ram.One 256Mb stick in each port.One site said PC100 and the other said PC133.

I'm just not too sure about that. I was told the same thing about an old Gateway built P2 machine.I installed two larger than recommended Mb sticks and it saw all of it.That's why I'm really, really really confused here.


I'm also not quite sure what numbers on the ram I should be looking for.One of the ports has the stock SDRAM PC100 128mb stick in it.The other port has a 256Mb stick from a different manufacturer that doesn't match.It's an SDRAM PC133 but the machine sees it and is working just fine.


Should I be looking for two SDRAM PC133 512Mb sticks?

Two sticks of SDRAM PC100 512Mb?

Or two sticks of either PC100 or PC133 in the 256Mb size?


What does NON ECC and REG ECC mean?


I know this won't hurt your brain much, sept maybe the way I worded it :laughing:

But it sure makes my head hurt :eek:

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That's sure what I'd like to do, but but I'm not sure if the machine will see it all.Did I answer my own question when I spoke of my old P2 setup?


In another related note some of the CP133 I've been looking at says for 168 pin "Server" use.Can I use that?

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