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2GB 9136 and Striker Extreme Settings?


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First Update to latest bios. If you have already done so clear Cmos so your back to factory defaults. For RAM timings and voltage the only setting you need to adjust SLI Ready to Enable 0% Clock. This will enable the EPP and should run with no issues.
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I too just got 2GB of the 9136 to go with my Striker Extreme. I set SLi enabled to Expert or disabled and manually set the timings and speed to 5-5-5-15 @2.1 & 1142, but actual in bios show mem spd at 1066. Then in windows, cpu-z shows mem spd at 1066, 533 freq @1:2 If i set Sli enabled to oc 0% with timings/vcore manually set, i get a long beep at restart and must power off. If I then set all mem timings/vcore to auto, I still get the long beep issue.


No errors on memtest for 7+ hours.




So what do I need to do to get it running at its rated speed of 1142?



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Please try the following settings:




Memory Voltage: 2.1v

NB Core Voltage: 1.5v

SLI Ready: Disabled

FSB Memory CLock Mode: Unlinked

FSB QDR MHZ: 1066MHZ(leave at 1066MHZ when testing RAM, Do not OC)


TCL: 5


TRP: 5

TRAS: 15

Command Per Clock: 2T

TRC: 28

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That did not work, as it didn't even boot with thos settings after clearing the CMOS. When leaving the FSB to 1066, and having the MEM at 1142, in the bios it shows the "actual" mem at 1066. Only when I increase the FSB higher, the mem clock goes up in increments. The higher the fsb, the higher the mem, eventually equalling the setting of 1142.



Right now I have Sli disabled, the FSB at 1180, mem set to 1106 which actual shows 1106, unlinked and all is stable.


So should I not expect to have my fsb at stock 1066 and mem at 1142 with "unlinked" and run stable?

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I'll try that Ram Guy.


In the meantime, I went back and changed the bios settings to FSB 1218 and MEM 1142 (actual showed 1142 as well), 5-5-5-15 2T @ 2.1v. Rebooted and it didn't post.


So now I am at FSB 1200 and MEM 1125 and all seems stable.


Should I return the set of 9136, possibly being bad, and exchange for another set of 9136? Or is this what can be expected of the 9136?

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