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Flash Voyager not working in one computer but works on the other


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Hi everyone,


I am new to this site, recently i bought a corsair flash voyager 2 GB but it only work on one computer but not the other.


Went to see the reseller, they suggest I download all drivers associated with the motherboard GA8IG1000MK REV 1.0 on this computer and also installed 4 port usb card and also reformat the flash voyager using the "good" computer


format f:/fs fat32/u where f is a flash voyager drive


But this also did not work, it actually freezes the operating system and not detecting anything, the light flashes for about 5 seconds and then dead.


I would like to be able to use this on both computers, i have other USB 1 GB sticks and have not problem with them whatsoever on both computers.


Any suggestion would help and make my day, thanks:[pouts:



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I used 1Gb stick and external hard drive also camera on the USB ports, don't seem to be any problem:):


Went to the reseller, they think is my PC, but they cannot tell me where the problem is so i don't want to buy something and turn out to be useless.:!:

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