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high pitched whine from 520hx


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I recently purchased 520hx after reading up all the reviews on this psu that talk about how quiet it is. But I am having a disappointing experience.


Every once in a while the psu starts emitting high pitched whine. This doesnt necessarily happen only when the system is loaded. Often, I am not even using my computer and suddenly the PSU will start emitting a high pitched whine. I have checked that the PSU is pretty tightly screwed in the case. I have also checked the PSU fan and its label after going through some of the posts here. That doesnt seem to be the issue.


Any suggestions on how to fix this ? I am using the psu in an htpc and so I went ahead and splurged on this psu that is supposed to be ultra quiet. But this whine can be heard even over normal audio, say when I am playing mp3 or dvd.

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