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Not satisfied with warranty solution at all!


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I bought 2 RAMs 2 years ago, those were NOT a kit, but they were identical.


Those sticks read CMX512 - 3200XL XMS3208v1.2


XMS3200 512MB 400MHz


However, I recently found that one of those showed errors when running memtest86 and brought it back to the shop today (which is listed at Corsair.com!), they said my options are:


1.) Return the RAM and get some cash back - The RAM was 141€ when I bought it, I would get about 70€ in at least (!) ~3 weeks


2.) Return the RAM and get another (different, slower) one


3.) (Only after I asked about this!) - Send the RAM to Corsair myself, which would cost me 30€ for the shipping plus they said it's not sure if I'd get the same memory or a different one, which could mess up compatibility for Dual Channel or simply have higher latencies (like all memories of that shop had)


So... I think it's not hard to tell that a single 512 stick which I can't use in Dual Channel is pretty useless these days. What can I do? I returned the defective one and wanted the cash back, but was told afterwards (!) that it will take about a month until I actually see that cash, plus was a bit in a hurry, so noticed afterwards that it might've not been too smart to do so.


Any advice what I can do now? Please? I don't really wanna sit on a 512 stick I can't ever use in Dual Channel again at it's original speed, I mean I paid a lot for it and it was always meant to run in Dual Channel only, because already 2 years ago when I bought em, 512 wasn't enough for some games. And really don't have those 30€ for the shipping atm just for the risk of still getting another, for Dual Channel incompatible or slower module. If necessary, I maybe (!) could get the RAM back tomorrow or at least talk to the RMA guys in the shop, dunno and don't care what to do, as long as I can have a gig of memory again and not an expensive 512 stick which I can now put on my wall for decoration...


I'd be thankful for any help on this problem.

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