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Is my TWIN2X2048-8500C5D dead?

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Hi all, I'm in need of some help. I'm new to these forums, since discovering this place from google searching for some answers.


I have been using my current computer for about a month now. I have used Windows XP then went onto Vista Ultimate 64bit about a week ago. I'm using a E6600, Corsair PC2-8500, BFG GeForce 8800GTX, abit in9-32x-max, 850W Enermax galaxy. Everything was working fine, until yesterday...


I first started having problems with my graphics drivers giving me nvlddmkm driver error, losing my display then getting it back constantly. I looked that up and appears to be to do with aero, vista and its high demands. Mainly only happened in games. It sometimes crashed though. I have also read that it happens when a system has more than 1GB of RAM, it does something different, uses the RAM as VRAM or something.


After one crash I had to put Vista disc back in to repair system as some boot files became corrupt, then as it was making its repairs it restarted as part of the process, but failed to boot. it got stuck on a C1 POST code error. I tried CMOS reset and power down reset, then some technique holding down insert. All of which got stuck on C1 POST code, except one time holding insert it hit 4E before it died.


So I did some research today and then decided to take out one RAM chip (from slot 3), leaving just the 1 in slot 1. It then successfully booted. So I tried with the slot 3 RAM in slot 1 removing the original slot 1 altogether. It failed to boot giving me the C1 issue. So I came to the conclusion that one of my RAM chips are dead.


Is there something I am missing here? Something to try/test? It seems odd to run a month without problems, then to hit problems with just one chip. I tried booting them both after a CMOS reset, giving them stock settings, at 1.825v. They were originally overclocked at 2.4v (Corsair said can go up to 2.5v), so I doubt I fried them, I even have Dominator Fan blowing on them.


I just want to check everything before calling RMA, and didn't know where to start so I came here for help. Also on RMA, would I have to send the pair back or just the dead one?

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