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FlashVoyager won't mount on new Intel iMac


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Hello, I hope I am posting in the right place. I just got a brand new Intel iMac and my less-than-one-year old 2 gig FlashVoyager usb drive will NOT mount! I plug it in and then the light flashes for quite a while and finally it stops flashing, but then it doesn't seem to "mount." It does not appear on my desktop nor on the "sidebar" where my other drives are. When I go into DiskUtility, I can see it, but the only option is to "UNMOUNT" and then when I click on it to unmount, then I can click on it again, to see I can now "MOUNT" it, but when I click on it, it SEEMS to be mounted in DiskUtility, but I still can't access it from my desktop or anywhere. The FlashVoyager seems to work OK still on my older iBook, so I am wondering if it is not compatible with my Intel Mac ??? Any help would be appreciated! THANKS! - Bev
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