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asus p5n-e sli and xms2


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i bought a 2gb kit of xms2 ram (twin2x2048-6400c4)


the first set of ram had 30,000 errors before i shut off memtest


the second set of ram had 60,000 errors before i shut off memtest


both times these errors showed up on the first pass


ive tried standard settings.. auto settings.. and manual 2.1volts and normal timings (4-4-4-12)


when i start the computer i usually see the screen freeze and i have to reset

and sometimes i get bluescreen errors and have to reset


i think the longest i had the computer running was 20 minutes before it froze or crashed


when i got this motherboard i used known working ram to ensure the motherboard wasnt defective.. i have since gotten rid of those sticks of ram


asus lists these sticks as the only compatible corsair ram for the p5n-e sli motherboard


i dont know if i did something wrong or if the sticks were totally corrupted

but i do know that i am having pc down time and corsair ram is the reason


i like to call corsair ram 'boat dueces' but im worried the next set will be bad too :[pouts:


any advice ?

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i set trc to 22 and turned off the special sli option in the bios with just one stick.. rebooted and put the other stick in and its fine


i spent lots of pc downtime because i didnt know the above info


(i havent ran memtest but the system is up and stable)

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