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Have SD Card specifications changed?


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I recently bought a couple of 2Gb 133x SD cards for my Pentax K100D SLR Digital SLR Camera. The camera seems to take the cards okay, as does the card reader on my Panasonic TV.


However, computer access is through a Western Digital Media Centre, an external hard-drive with a built in Multi format card reader.


Although the SD slot takes the card, and the LED beside it lights up, and even flashes as if the card is being accessed, any attempt to access the card from WinXP hangs the explorer window for a minute or so, before asking me to insert a disk in the drive.


When I swap either of the 2Gb cards for the 1Gb card that came with the camera, the Media centre reads this without any problems and I can transfer files back and forth.


According to WD's FAQ site, the Media Centre is supposed to be able to use SD cards up to 4Gb in size, so I contacted WD support about this and this is what they said.


The contacts on new SD cards are different, the Media centre uses the technology from the time when we made the product, about 2 years ago, but new SD cards are a different design and are not compatible, sorry.


I am aware that there is a new SDHC variant of the SD card format out there - is this what WD are referring to when they say that the design of SD cards has changed?


I don't see anything on the packaging to suggest that the Corsair 2Gb 133x SD card one of these SDHC formats, or that the card might not be compatible with older card readers.


If there had been warnings about the changes in specification anywhere on the packaging, I would have been able to do the research in between receiving the item I ordered and opening the pack. Instead I'm probably stuck with it?


Can someone advise whether WD are trying to fob me off with a vague answer, and if this is the sort of thing that is likely to be fixable with a firmware or driver update?



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The 4 Gig would be considered HC or High capacity, so I am not sure what they are referring to. However, the faster speed of this card maybe why its not working I would just consider a card reader, they are not to expensive.
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