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4GB Flash Voyager Slows to 1.1 Speed


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I bought this key from Newegg on July 2, 2006 and it has served me well until about a week ago. Everytime I stick it in a USB port--that I know to be a 2.0 port--on a Windows XP machine, I get a balloon from the systray that says, "This device can perform faster if you connect it to a Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port". I never used to get this and the transfer rate looks to be 1.1 because copying files is MUCH slower now. I have cleaned the contacts on the key as best I can but didn't make a difference. I know it is not the computer because I work in IT support and have put it in MANY computers--all give me the same message, whereas they never did before last week.

Please help! What is happening? I would like to RMA it so you guys can look it over.



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