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Voyager GT 8GB Not Showing Up in My Computer

Dick Flanagan

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Today I received a new (and my first) Flash Voyager GT 8GB and I am unable to get it recognized in two separate WinXP Pro SP2 systems.


On my laptop I get a "New Hardware Found" dialog and it attempts to install a driver. No driver can be found and the drive is never recognized.


On my desktop, things are more interesting. The new drive shows up just about everywhere except in My Computer. It shows up in both the USB and Device lists, System Info lists and everywhere it shows up as being logical drive F: (which is where it should be), but it simply never shows up in My Computer where I can use it.


I have other/older Flash drives and they show up just fine. The idea of using a state-of-the-art 8GB drive is way cool, but right now I've invested in a 0GB drive! :confused:


I am using low-speed USB 1.1 ports.


Can you help?

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I tried this unit in two additional computers: a third WinXP Pro SP2 laptop and a Win2000 desktop.


The WinXP Pro laptop gave me a "USB Device Not Recognized" error, but (you're going to love this) the Win2000 system appeared to recognize the drive just fine!


My new GT seems to have a serious aversion to WinXP systems. :[pouts:


I could really use some help here....

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  • Corsair Employees
Please make sure that you have the latest drivers and Bios for the systems that have this issue and then when you connect it if that still happens search for the driver manually and point it to //Windows/system32/Drivers and see if that will correct the problem.
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