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2 Good sticks that don't get along.


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Greetings, and right to the meat of it then:


I have a freshly built Vista/DX10 rig completed. Unfortunately, I'm running XP SP2 because it doesn't have anywhere near the driver problems that currently plague Vista. My machine consists of:


C2D E6600

eVGA 680i Mobo

eVGA 8800GTX (1)

700w Thermaltake PSU


(2) Twin sticks (2048MBs): CM2X 1024-6400 @ 5-5-5-12 & 1.9v


Everything is running at stock/default settings and my BIOS is the latest version. The GPU drivers are also up to date.



Running Memtest86+ with both sticks installed yields errors aplenty. I have tried troubleshooting the sticks individually and they have both tested error free at 10hr runs. According to my BIOS, dual channel is enabled when both sticks are installed, and vice versa with one.


With both sticks installed, I get random lockups all over, especially when running intensive programs. 3dmark06 hard locks early in its first test(must manually restart). Games in general lockup in the same fashion. Desktop work and internet browsing are trouble free.


If I use just one stick, either stick, my PC runs like a thoroughbred. It's quite amazing, to be honest. 3dmark06 runs its full course and my games play smooth as butter.



I have RMA'd my mobo once already, in the hopes that this problem had something to do with the board itself, maybe a bad memory controller or something. A hardware issue with this board is still possible, but not by much.


The fact that both sticks run amazing singularly is baffling, and at the same time very disheartening. I just want a healthy, dependable rig, hence the stock settings, and I can only attain that with one gigabyte of RAM. What gives? I'm praying that there was some setting I didn't turn on, or some tweak I missed because I'm still learning and relatively new at builds.


Any and all help would be appreciated on an exponential level!

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Well, removing my x-fi xtrememusic sound card really helped with the lockups, many thanks! I am able to play games and run 3dmark06 completely. However, I still get errors with both sticks installed and I get some funky lockups now and again in certain programs. These lockups aren't necessarily related to the memory itself, but the errors are a bit disappointing. I really don't think my PSU is the culprit, everything leads me to believe it is running tiptop.


So far you've been great RAM GUY, but I would really appreciate any more light you can shed.

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