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Twin 2048 6400C4 and asus EPP settings


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[EDIT: Maybe I posted this in the wrong forum, mods please move it if so.]



I started having problems about a month after build with Crosshair mb and 6400C4 set to AI OC at 5% and SLI/EPP set to "High Performance" with CPUOC set to "max". All other settings Auto. Hadn't looked at any other options at this point.

Ran good for a while. 3dmark06 said 7930 marks. The it began dropping out of games/windows to reboot.


CPUZ said 2940 mhz and mem at 420mhz with 4 4 4 12 2t.


I downloaded the memtest86 from this site and ran my sys.

Errors all over immediately.


Reflashed mb to 0502 BIOS, EPP disabled all other settings Auto and ran memtest overnite with no errors. Allgood.

CPUZ says mem at 5 5 5 22 2t at 400 mhz.


Turn EPP "High Performance" back on, no OC.

Errors again. Asus mb set vdimm to 2.3v. Did this damage mem?

I saw in RMA screen that corsair mem is good to 2.9v but I saw Ramguy say on here 2.1 max.


Set vdimm to 1.9v EPP on at "High Performance"and CPUOC off.

Ran memtest again. Errors immediately.


Set EPP to "Optimal" CPUOC off, vdimm 1.9.

Memtests overnite. All good again. CPUZ says 2813 mhz and 4 4 4 12 2t at 400 mhz. 3dmark 06 now gives 7745 marks.


So, mem seems OK at minimal settings but I can't get it to run at anything higher than 1.9v with EPP on or off or run at 1.9v with "High Performance" turned on.


I saw another post where Ramguy said set SLI/EPP on and mem at 2.1v.

As I said mine won't work higher than 1.9v and what about "High Performance" at 1.9v?


Not the end of the world, but I can't get mine to work like that.

Any suggestions?

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How do you figure power problem. It wouldn't run at 1.9v at "High Performance" settings.


Problem is moot anyway, today the mem crashed and burned.

Loading some Nero software and the machine froze, Hard rebooted and got to windows for safe,etc mode.

Win wouldn't start.

Put the memtest disk in and had errors from the start.

After this, bios wouldn't POST and Crosshair LCD poster said "DET DRAM".

Had to go buy some OCZ OCZ2SE8002GK as that was available locally.

That is how I am responding now.

I have filled out RMA form and waiting for response.

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