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HX620 based Athlon X2 4400 Build and VGA Issues


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I've recently built an Athlon 64 X2 4400+ based pc using a HX620 (UK). I'm actually creating this thread as a starting point for my own diagnosis in the hope that if I see a PSU issue I can ask further questions on here.


The machine itself is stable when doing regular things like browsing web, navigating file system etc, but as soon as drivers are installed for my MSI X1950 Pro Graphics card and I run videos it hard locks or reboots the machine, sometimes it's a few minutes, other times few seconds, but it will happen. I've got a cable going from the 12v rail to graphics card (at first i was using the connector on the left, then I tried the right, but not much difference. I ran memtest on the pc for a few hours and got no errors. I also ran prime 95 torture test in windows, but the pc kept going. even got a beta of ati tray tools and set the fan to max, but still no luck.


I tried the card on an older Nforce 4 based machine (Gigabyte Motherboard, will have to find the details), it's running a 400W seasonic PSU. I installed win 2000 clean on here and installed the msi drivers with the x1950 on there last night. There's no marking for the 12V rail (all molex), so I had to use an adapter to go from molex hdd power connector to 6-pin pci express power on back of card. Note, there's only 1 Hard disk in this older machine, 400gb Seagate Sata-300 drive.


I ran WMV 720p in windows media player and another 720p clip simultaneously on this older Sempron 3000 machine last night, with screen resolution of my monitor set to max. While one of the windows playing the movie file the clip on the other would judder, but the pc itself kept going and simply did not lock up.


Tonight I hope to try the following, my HX620 on the older sempron pc and connecting older 400W PSU to the new Athlon 64 X2 pc.


My specs should be in the specs drop down (for new pc). Apologies in advance if this is a bit muddled, but if anyone has questions, I'll try and answer them.

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I plugged the old 400W power supply into the new Athlon 64 X2 pc. Ran two WMV files (1280 x 720), one in win media player and one in vlc. At first it seemed ok,, but after a while I got a hard lock again.


Earlier in the day I'd been googling around the web and someone commented on the abit usa forum that ram voltage should be increased:


"Have you tried bumping the voltage up a bit? My default was 1.8 and I was getting random restarts. I bumped it up to 1.9 and haven't had any issues since. Corsair XMS2 800"


I tried this and it has been great, not one hard lock. Temperature seemed pretty decent, 63 degrees C for CPU according to abit EQ and staying round about that mark (that's after something 3d graphics heavy/wmv hd has been running).

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