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bad xms3200 pair


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I have 2 each xms3200 512 dimms and when I try to run them at ddr400 they fail and will not completly boot to xp I also get a bad memory error in vista the sticks are 3 years old I think and have never been overvolted or overclocked.

I have tried using different possitions in the board and tried them singly nothing seems to help the wont even boot at cas3 in ddr400 mode.

I have another stick of patriot ram that runs fine cas2 at 400 mhz in any slot so I am sure the board is ok how do I get an rma for I do love this ram.


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I have a version 2 nforce 400 chipset and my mobile barton has never had a problem at 400 mhz even with generic ram.

I have been running this ram at ddr 400 for 2 or more years and only recently did this problem start to occur. I keep my timings set to speed and my cpu runs fine at 2200 even at 1.4 v core.

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