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BFG nForce 680i SLI + TWIN2x2048-6400PRO


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I have used Corsair memory in several of my systems over the past 3 years and like it very much. After coming to these forums a few times you would think I would remember to check recommended memory for MoBos before buyijng, but alas, not this time.


The ram appears to be running fine, aka stable. I have an advanced BIOS access program with this MoBo that has settings way beyond what I have set in the past. Can you give me a clue on some "above average" timings for these:


Row Address Strobe (tRAS): 12

RAS to CAS access (tRCD): 5

Memory Bank Switch (tRP): 10

Row Cycle Time (tRC): 22

CAS Latency (tCL): 5

Command Per Clock (tCPC): 0

Write Recovery Time (tWR): 5

RAS to RAS Delay (tRRD): 3

R to W Turnaround (tRWT): 5

W to R Command Delay (tWTR): 9

Clock Drive Strength: (grayed out)

Async Latency: (grayed out)

W to R Termination Turnaround (tWRRD): (grayed out)

Refresh Rate (tREF): (grayed out)

R to R Timing (tRDRD): 3

W to W Timing (tWRWR): 2


I currently moved the voltage up from 1.85v to 1.9v. I also understand that the timings on this ram are 5-5-5-12-2T but have no idea what the other settings are. This is my first set of DDR2 RAM.

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