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compatabilty problem


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I read on my motherboard stats that I needed ddr 400 memory. so I went to newegg.com and bought the best memory that was the cheapest I could find. It said it was ddr 400 dual channel... all the things I thought I needed. I put the memory in my machine and it wont boot up. finally, I come here and thru the "Configurator" I find out that I need CMX1024-3200PRO or CMX1024-3200PT. I cant even find what exact memory I have, all it says is CMX1024-3200 which I cant even find on this site.

So, do I indeed have the wrong memory and if I do can I exchange it for the RIGHT memory. 170$ for 2 sticks of memory I cant use... well.........


on the package it says CMX1024-3200 and it has a bar code:8 70584 00233 8. IT also has some kind of serial number #05281260

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XMS3200 is the same no matter you have the Pro version or not, and the modules you have will run fine in the MB you have listed. Did you have other memory working in the system, or have you tried them one module at a time?
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Thank you for replying so quickly...


I had old pc2700 (2-valueselect 1 gig sticks) modules that I built the system with... it has run fine for along time with no problems... I went to upgrade the memory to the proper speed after upgrading the CPU from a 3200+ to a 64 FX-60 with Vista. I installed the memory with both sticks and with single sticks... couldnt even get it to boot so I could adjust the bios. Brought home some Kingston memory from work that is only 512 sticks (2) and they worked fine, they were ddr 400.

I also put these 2 sticks in a machine at work that they say runs anything and everything and it wouldnt boot up either.

So my first conclusion was I had the wrong memory but now im thinking I have bad memory!?!


(I did get the system to boot up and only recognize 512 of 2 gigs with a different set of sticks. They were 2 - XMS pc2700 1 gig sticks.) The system would actually run with them but it was painfully slow. But had no errors the whole time I ran it. I also got it to run with the 2 valueselect and the 2 XMS but it still only recognized 2.5 gigs but ran fine.


and I got it to run with the 2-512 and 2 XMS pc2700, it only recognized 1.5 gigs of memory then.

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here are the numbers from the package:



barcode: 8 70584 00233 8


on the stick it has:

CMX1024-3200 XMS3200v3.3


XMS3200 1024mb 400mhz 3-3-3-8


says the same exact thing on both sticks of memory.

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