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is there any hope for me ??!!


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ok dont all laugh out loud - i'm new to this game !! :roll:


I have an ECS Nforce250 A939 with a 3700 San Diego


I've just bought Twinx 2048-3200C2PT memory - I didnt do enough research into what I should by memory wise - and I'm hopeing someone can tell me if it is performing well or have really mis-purchsed...


I have gained approx 200 points on 3dmark05 over my old 2x512 set-up


I have 250x11 on the cpu and HT x3 - memory 166mhz - the read preamble and async latency both 6ns and timing set to 1T


all in BIOS



i then use clockgen to up the clocks to 3125.20 cpu 284.11 HTT memory 223.23


runs stable enough to pass any of the 3dmarks and all the latest games...



when i look at the timings on memory its 2.5-4-2-8 - 1T


i havent really had any sucess in changing any of the settings with A64 - I can get the system to work at 2-4-2-8 but clock gen wont look at it - and i cant take the CPU above 240 if the memory is set to run at 200Mhz in the BIOS.


I guess I'm stuck with this mix-matched set up as its my own fault for not reading up properly..so any help geting my set up run a bit tighter would be apprciated.. I guess a new m/b could be part of the solution but I need to stick with AGP as I can't afford to replace my nice x1950pro just now.. would the ECS KV2 lite or Abit UL8/AV8 improve things any - they both have an extra 1000MHZ on the FSB??




bit of a broad support question I know - but any help or tips mucho appriciatered



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I was same as you 3 months ago and look at me now. I know everything or at least enough to know that even you can be helped.


Go there, lots of reading and experts that can and want to help.






Cant remember but hope Im not breaking any forum rules by posting these links. If I am my appologies. Let me know and I wont do it again.

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