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Potentially bad Corsair CMX1024-3200C2PT module


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I've got a machine that's had two sticks of the aforementioned RAM in it for the better part of a year. All of a sudden, the machine started experiencing weird errors and problems (primarily from World of Warcraft). After searching their forums, reinstalling stuff, and even going so far as to reinstall Windows, the problem never seemed to go away.


Anyway, so I gave the Windows memory testing application a shot, as well as memtest86. With both modules installed, I got errors about half the time. When I took out one of the modules, the remaining one couldn't complete a single test. I put the one I intially removed back into the machine, and each test passed with flying colors.


So, I think I have a bad module. I purchased the RAM from NewEgg, but since it's past a year, they said I need to contact Corsair directly to get a replacement. I'm ready to fill out the RMA form, but, looks like I'm supposed to post in this forum first. :) So, here I am! Does my diagnosis sound reasonably correct? Thanks!

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