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help with fx57 -and memory timings


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;): hi i recently managed to get my sticky mitts on an fx-57 ....... i popped it into my msi k8n sli platinum and everythingworks fine ............ however my ram "slowed down" not much mind but it benchmarks with slower read / write times


it is 4x 512 corsair xms pro 3200 running at 3 3 8 3 ......... i previously had an amd 3800+ ....... now i know that with the 3800 the ram would drop to 333ddr.......... but clocked it back manually and got it right up to pc3400 timings


the fx-57 allegedly has an improved memory controller that allows four double sided sticks to run at ddr 400 ......... but i have tried the same method as i did with the 3800 but it wont run as sweet was wondering if you had any voltage etc etc tips


i have the fx-57 running at 2940 = 210 x 14.0 via raising the "fsb" if i use just the multiplyer it all goes awry i have not changed any voltages on the memory or the cpu ........ this has pulled the memory up to 210 as well but it isnt performing as well as it did with the 3800 , dont get me wrong the rig is awsome gets 24,000 in 3dmark.......... most of this stuff is chinese to me and i dont want to fry anything, i only managed to get the 3800 going so well using msi corecenter by trial and error but it doesn`t have the functionality needed for this serious cpu


any ideas on the "manual" settings i need for the cpu and ram, or is this ram not really "fast enough" to be brought up to speed


any help would be appreciated ......... thank you for trying to make sense of my inept ramblings :confused: :):

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