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Hello Ram Guy,


Memtest86+ wouldn't know what to make of this one... You've helped me in the past with some module problems but this one may *way* be out of warranty. It is a VS512MB333 module that suffered what can only be described as catastrophic mechanical stress. Here's the brief background story: It was installed and working (for over a year) as of December 16th, 2006 and then I shipped the computer. I lived overseas, so I had to first load it onto a vessel that was crossing the Atlantic from Bermuda to Norfolk (in Winter weather). I then I met the ship in Norfolk in mid-January the sent it via Fed-Ex to Seattle. So I finally get home yesterday and open it up to discover both modules had fallen out of the DIMMs despite being clipped in securely. Somewhere over 4000 miles they decided to come out. One module was wedged under the motherboard and sandwiched behind the other and the results are attached. Its twin works perfectly, but this one sadly didn't make it.


The component completely came off of the pads and lifted eight of its traces, and without a rework station there isn't much I can do to repair it. Here's the punchline: Is it covered by the warranty?






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