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i need help with a CMFSD 133-2GB flash memory card!!!


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i recently bought a CMFSD 133-2GB memory card...when i first place it into my HP 307 photosmart digital camera it worked fine with about 1.8 GB of free memory space...but after several shots i had a memory card error and have to reformat the card with my digital camera...but after it finished my digital camera said that i only have 998 MB of free space on the memory card...so i tried reformatting it in both windows XP Pro and Vista in various compressions such as FAT, FAT32, and NTFS...but it still remains at 998 MB...so my question is WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE 900 MB OF MEMORY THAT I AM MISSING... IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE MEMORY CARD? CAN IT BE FIXED?


P.S. when i reformat the memory card i sometimes get a error message that said that windows has failed reformatting the card. or sometime windows can't detect the card and cause my computer to freeze.

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