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4 Modules of XMS TWINX1024 3200XL ?


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Currently running 2 512 sticks of 3200XL on an Abit IS7 with Dual Channel enabled (4 DIMMS total). They run well at 2-2-2-5 at a 2.8 volts setting (2.77 measured by SpeedFan). Have the Game Accelerator setting at 'Turbo' to get 2.0 CAS Latency rather than 2.5. The other memory settings are on AUTO. Found a TWINX1024 pair (2 512s) for sale on Ebay. They appear very similar to mine.


#s on one of mine: XMS3208v1.2 0510040-1


#s on one of those for sale: XMS3208v1.2 0522120-1


Two questions: Are these Ebay modules likely to work as a dual channel pair with my current pair?

Is my Abit board one of those that support 4Gb on paper but often have problems with 4 fast modules?

FYI: My board will run fine with 4 256MB C2 modules.

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With four modules you most likely will have to slow the timings and or frequency because of loading on the memory controller?

If you got them off of ebay from another user there will bo no warranty with them is the only thing.

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