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Need Support with a VS2GBKIT400C3 kit


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I purchased a matched set of the Corsair VS2GBKIT400C3 about 45 days ago from zipzoomfly.com, and ever since day one it has been randomly restarting and crashing during gameplay.


I have ran memtest and with both sticks installed I was consistently getting errors on test 5. The timings I was using were 3 3 3 8 and 2.7 volts. I have also tried using 3 4 4 8 and up to 2.8 volts and still failing on test 5


I have now narrowed down the error to one of the two sticks. This particular stick errors out on test 5 placed in any slot, while the second stick completes all memtest passes in any slot thats its place in. I beleive that the one stick is bad and was seeing what I need to do to get the set RMA'd out.


Thanks alot!


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