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BSOD with CM2X1024-6400C4D & Gigabyte N680SLI-DQ6


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With all 4 RAM modules installed I get one or two STOP errors per hour (everyone different).


If I take out either bank of RAM the system runs perfectly.


I've run mem86+ for 24 hours (on all 4 banks) - no errors. I've also tried raising DDR II voltage by 0.25 volt.


Running F3 BIOS and have same isues under WinXP64 and WinXP32.


All BIOS settings "normal" (ie no overclocking).


Any ideas anyone?

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Thank you for your replies.


This motherboard expresses voltages in terms of increases above normal.


I set the NB/PCIE Voltage to +0.1v (possible range 0v to +0.2v), FSB Voltage control to +0.2v (possible range 0v to +0.4v), RAM speed to 666MHz, and RAM voltage to +0.2v. Do all these sound about right?


One thing I don't understand: RAM GUY - why do I need to set the RAM speed to 666MHz when the RAM is rated at 800MHz?


Many thanks.

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Thanks for the reply. I don't pretend to totally understand why, in the world of SPD, that we need to tweak these things when one is not overclocking, but I have to admit that with the tweaks it is working well now.


Thanks for you help.


Any pointers to any info that I can go to to read up on this kind of thing?

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