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Spec sheets ?


The best I can find only reports



"Data Transfer rates up to 19MB/sec"



"Read speed up to 34MB/s, write speed up to 28MB/s"


So, the GT is roughly 50% faster ?. The GT pdf compares to 'average usb' and gives figures up to 5x faster. I don't think they'd like to think of their Voyager as 'average' !.



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  • Corsair Employees

Actually performance is not set or claimed on either drive.

Please see the Flash Product page.

The Corsair Flash Voyager family now comprises of two outstanding lines of products. The Flash Voyager GT is designed from the ground up for speed, optimizing transfer rates of both reads and writes. Flash Voyager now moves down into the price/performance segment and is available in capacities ranging up to 16GB!


Both the original Flash Voyager and Flash Voyager GT product line are enclosed in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing boasting water-resistant properties, and these drives allows users to carry more valuable data and applications without compromise. Several reviews of the Flash Voyager products have demonstrated the ruggedness, durability, and reliability of the Flash Voyager family. The Flash Voyager has been shown laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, and even run over by a SUV in many third party reviews. After all the punishment it receives, the drive continues to work.

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