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p5b-e 2gb works 4gb does not


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I am having some RAM issues and am hoping I can get some guidance on what to do next.


Here's my configuration.


Asus p5b-e bios 10.02

4 GB of 1GB VS1GB667D2

Gigabyte 7600GS 256mb RAM

WD 250GB Hard drive WD2500YS

LG DVD burner GSAH10LI

I disabled sound, LAN, serial and parallel ports.



I am trying to load XP (and then later upgrade to Vista).


I kept getting RAM errors while copying the files. I ran Memtest and it failed miserably with 4 sticks installed. After some trial and error I realized it works if only 2 sticks are installed, fails when I put in 4 (I doubt it is bad RAM as I have 8 1GB sticks to try).


I put in 4 sticks and incremented the voltage higher, until I reached 1.95 and memtest stopped showing errors.


I went back to loading XP, Pc reboots and begins the install process. When it got to the point of "installing devices" it would get about 60% into the step and blue screen out.


I took 2 sticks out leaving 2GB and XP installs OK.


Is there any way to get 4GB of RAM to work reliably on this mobo?



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Just for kicks I loaded XP with 2gb. Updated the Vid, chipset, sound, LAN drivers. Shut down, installed 2 GB, bringing the total to 4GB.


BIOS and CPUz sees 4GB, OS sees 2GB.


I've built hundreds of PC's over the years. This Conroe rig has given me more headaches than any before. Fun fun fun.


UPDATE, disabled the memory remapping in BIOS. WINXP now showing 2.93GB. I think I can get this up to 3.5GB.


UPDATE, reboots when I breath heavy. Taking out the extra 2GB.


Still looking for some feedback.



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